Wildflower Quilt Pattern

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Wildflower Quilt Pattern is a Introducing Andover Fabrics collection: MIXTAPE by Libs Elliott Quilt designed by Libs Elliott and that is exactly what you will now see in this wonderful article that actually even a beginner who follows the pattern to the letter can do.

Wildflower Quilt Pattern

This Wildflower quilt pattern is a kind of 3D pattern, I am still in doubt if it is a 3D, because for me (I may be as wrong as not) this pattern seems to be a 2D, anyway and a shockingly beautiful pattern especially with the colors that are going around in it.

Wildflower Quilt Pattern
Wildflower Quilt Pattern by Libs Elliott in Introducing Andover Fabrics

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Spring is bustin’ out all over in this rainbow-bright queen size topper/dynamic wall quilt. The colors are arranged medallion-style, and they are enhanced by the black and white patches surrounding each “petal.” Some experience with paper-foundation piecing methods is helpful.

Making the Quilt

The block pattern is shown in reverse for paper-foundation piecing (PFP). Photocopy the complete block pattern 144 times. To save time and fabric, make a cutting template for
each of the 5 patches in the block. Trace templates #1-#5 separately onto tracing paper, adding about 2″ extra all around each template. Include all markings. Trim the tips of the templates about 2″ away from the tip of the finished pattern, as shown in the cutting figures. Cut out the 5 templates.

Hint: Since so many fabrics are used in patch #1, you can stack up to 4 layers of diferent fabric (wrong sides facing up) and cut 4 of the patch at a time. Follow the cutting diagrams for placement, noting the grain lines on the templates. Pin a paper template drawn side facing up on the wrong side of fabric.

Cut around the template without cutting into surrounding fabric. The patches do not have to be precisely cut for paper-foundation piecing, but they do need to be “large enough” to cover the pattern shapes adequately. Cut the number of patch #1 as indicated in the cutting list. Likewise, stack 4 layers of white Fabric A and cut 4 patches at the same time.

Cut 144 patch #2 and 144 patch #3 from Fabric A. Cut 144 each of patches #4 and #5 from black Fabric C. Keep stacks of patches with the appropriate template so you know which patch is which.

You have seen just a few steps to make this beautiful pattern that can be used for any part of your home as decoration, particularly I liked it very much to use as a panel on the wall of my entrance room, right next to my plants (I love combining plants with a quilt).

What is 3D pattern?

First, a three-dimensional (3D) garment, using an extracted outline from a garment flat or figure, is modeled in a gravitational virtual environment. … These curves divide the 3D garment model’s surface into many small 3D surfaces. Then, 2D garment patterns are obtained by unfolding these subdivided 3D surfaces.

We hope you enjoyed this Wildflower Quilt Pattern and can make it your way as soon as possible, and what’s more, use your imagination to the fullest when making your own, remember that mixed colors here will be your greatest secret to success in your designer.

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