Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern

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Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern is one of those quilts that you really can’t miss. Simple yet sophisticated and great for those who have children or actually want to give it as a gift to a child. This quilt is really wonderful!

Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern

Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern 1
Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern 1

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The best thing about this quilt is that you can actually play with it even with your children, or with your husband, boyfriend or fiancé with it, after all who doesn’t like family vacations and even more to keep these moments of remembrance!

Something that caught my attention was that we can put pictures of our family, you know how? Observe well the image, in it you can see photos, if you have someone who can print the photos on pieces of fabric do it because this quilt model is fun and allows you to do this.

This quilt, in fact this great find was at and here you can clearly see more details, as well as fabrics used, equipment and much more.

Back to more about the quilt. Something that really catches our attention is the fabrics themselves, let me make it clear that you can use the fabrics you like, of course you can use any pattern and make the pattern according to your needs.

The final size of this quilt pattern is Finished Size: 50″ x 60″. Two-Lane Highway is a great quilt for showcasing your vacation photos and those cute fabrics you pick up on vacation! Designed for AccuQuilt by Jennifer Fulton of Inquiring Quilter.

Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern 1
Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern 1

One tip I found very interesting from a friend is that this free quilt can also be made with velvet fabrics, thus giving a cuddly quality for those with small children.

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The big tip so I think is to make two patterns of this same size however what about making the tracks meeting on both sides this is can be quite fun even for you!

We hope you enjoy and invite you to join our quilt group a group we will not have Drama just good and beautiful patterns for you to download! You can download the pattern here Only download bellow if the link no working.

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