Urban Amish Quilt Pattern Free

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Urban Amish Quilt is a boss is a pattern brings you the mix of the colors green with red and red side Of course it doesn’t come a bit of light green but everything is difference and I the places this kind of green used in the pattern known as lime green or fluorescent green.

Urban Amish Quilt

This pattern Of course it is not ours we did not find it on the website of www.allpeoplequilt.com And we matched and you Our you know more details and information from their blog.

Urban Amish Quilt
Urban Amish Quilt

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We are nearing the end of year celebrations boss it contains information, in fact an interesting project to make a different pattern for Christmas day if you think well the colors described in it are made for Christmas.

You notice that this pattern besides being different made a little more work to be boyfriend so much that you access the blog of allpeoplequilt.com realized that it was two designers who made this pattern they are: Cori Derksen & Myra Harder of Blue Meadow Designs.

If you want to lie or believe a different thing for your home decorate your vacuum really enough attention for things or he came this green and red In my perception gives to understand as if they were stars I love it will vary from person to person aboute Urban Amish Quilt.

Already presented on the ladder to her she swore it looks like if they were Cruz what in the case would then be very nice to be used for Christmas. What do you think this pattern looks like to you?

It shows details how you can do this pattern without too much headache, I believe that even a person who is at the intermediate beginner level will be able to do it.

Assemble Nine-Patch Units for Urban Amish Quilt

1. Aligning long edges, sew together two solid red, burgundy, or orange 1-1⁄2×42″ strips and one mottled green 1-1⁄2×42″ strip to make strip set A (Diagram 1). Press seams toward mottled green. Repeat to make a second matching strip set A. Cut strip sets into 40- 1-1⁄2″-wide A segments total.

2. In same manner, sew together one solid red, burgundy, or orange 1-1⁄2×42″ strip and two mottled green 1-1⁄2×42″ strips to make strip set B (Diagram 2). Press seams toward mottled green. Cut strip set into 20-1-1⁄2″-wide B segments.

3. Referring to Diagram 3, join two A segments and one B segment to make a Nine-Patch unit. Press seams in one direction. The unit should be 3-1⁄2″ square including seam allowances. Repeat to make 20 matching Nine-Patch units total.

4. Using remaining red, burgundy, and orange solids, repeat steps 1-3 to make 100 Nine-Patch units total (five sets of 20 matching units).

We hope you enjoyed this pattern and can make it for your holiday parties. Then you can enjoy the best of the patterns!

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