Stardust Quilting Pattern

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Making a Stardust Quilting free pattern bedspread for a beautiful bed with a well decorated room is not an easy task, especially if you want to make your room more cozy, beautiful and still with that nice tone to your Good Taste.

This article brings you a wonderful quilt that can be made and considered at an intermediate level, that is, if you are starting in the sewing area and like to work with quilt this wonderful pattern is for you!

Stardust Quilting pattern

Stardust Quilting free pattern
Stardust Quilting free pattern by

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Stardust Quilting is not only very beautiful but it can also be considered a kind of pattern that can take you Beyond the Imagination, the reason is that this pattern was also made in the year 2007 a film with the same name perhaps you can say that there is no paradigm between this quilt as well as the film with the same name but it is very interesting to make a pattern that has a legend, which portrays the love between man and the Star.

Stardust Quilting

This pattern also by looking at it in a pdf file which you can download below you can see in detail the colors used and the shape of the stick was made step by step to reach this incredible and wonderful quilt.

Many times when we want to make or create our own project, we need ideas or a starting point. This bedspread of couple or single, will depend on the size for what you want sister, is something Simple becomes beautiful and at the same time perfect when imagining in our room.


If you haven’t yet selected your HERE IN yet, here is a coloring page to help you make decisions. Note where I used prints and blenders in this design. If you use too many busy prints they will compete with each other you won’t see the dynamic pattern that the piecing produces.

Note in the pattern where I sought to incorporate busy prints and where I elected to use near-solids or blenders. Use the coloring page to help you narrow down your choices.  A coordinating Celestial Lights Embroidery Collection is available separately through your local dealer, featuring optional embroidery and quilting designs for this quilt, as well as many additional designs.

Stardust can be pieced in both red and blue. Full SKU and yardage charts for the full-sized quilt, as well as smaller versions, are listed inside. Combine Stars with Courthouse Steps blocks in this fun quilt. Some stars are set against a light background.

Others will be set against a Dark background for a fun “hide and seek” effect. Combine Stars with Courthouse Steps blocks in this fun quilt. Some stars are set against a light background.[download_after_email id=”949″]

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