Star Tile Table Runner Free Pattern

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Star Tile Table Runner This is indeed a very nice pattern that you can make for your Christmas party and even for the size of your table or even you can create the same pattern for something special for your Christmas party. A little bit of this pattern and why we think you should make this wonderful pattern.

Star Tile Table Runner

A table runner is when you have options to put on your table for a special occasion that you are having with your family at the moment, be it Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other date that is special to you or your family.

Star Tile Table Runner
Star Tile Table Runner

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Of course not everyone likes to use a table path or it depends on the region where you live, I particularly like to call it a table path. Have you ever imagined what a table path would be and transform what this table path would be hein import dishes with two more functions?

Let’s explain the idea: Look closely at the picture. Did you notice? Let’s start in the center where there is a detail of some yellow balls that you will cut out in yellow and place exactly as in the pattern.

The central part you can put the plate already in the left part You could put the pairs of it or you can invert putting the wine glass this goes according how you like to arrange the table for your guests following or not ethics or style.

I particularly like to put the cutlery on the left side and the wine glass inside to give an impression of practicality. What you can do totally to your taste following is that good local or family customs.

Talking about the pattern is interesting. So it is very important to know that the designer of this beautiful Star Tile Table Runner pattern is Jackie Robson of Animas Quilt for Benartex. You can also find this pattern at and download it below if it is easier for you.

My mother, who loves patterns like this, had a very interesting idea when she saw this pattern. She said that the pattern is wonderful and that instead of making an appliqué she will do embroidery, specifically in place of the yellow to give more detail and more shine.

According to me, the pattern can be appliquéd or embroidered anywhere on it to give it more shine, but it must be soft and delicate, and the embroidery must appear, but not steal the beauty of the pattern itself.

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I’m particularly going to make some of these patterns to use as a table runner or trail if you prefer, I’m going to make them as a support for pans when placing on the table and to finish as a holder for plates, cups and cutlery.

Of course I’ll differentiate the colors, but for Christmas I’ll leave everything in the same color and what I’ll change is to reduce the plate holders, to give a nice touch on the table, after all who doesn’t want to leave a beautiful table for Christmas?

I hope you have enjoyed this pattern and that it can really be very welcome for you on the most beautiful occasions of your family and remember that patterns like this one by Jackie Robinson tend to always have a special place in our hearts.

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