Star ablaze quilt pattern

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Star ablaze quilt pattern created in 1996 by Jill Reber’s, a beautiful retro pattern that you can use to make your patterns the best way you like, of course the color of the pattern you will define, if you like to keep things as they are perfect, now if you prefer to change the colors I can advise in advance that there are thousands of combinations.

Star ablaze quilt pattern

Star ablaze quilt pattern
Star ablaze quilt pattern

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When we talk about a star-shaped pattern, our mind starts working on patterns: how many ends? where will I put the star? will it be the central part of my pattern? will it be appliqué? It is true that I myself have been through this and always will be.

If you analyze the pattern it resembles others that we have brought but in fact, a square a block with eight points surrounded with a few more arrow points to say really beautiful pattern.

It is not characterized as a pattern for beginners. But of course if the beginner is patient and persistent he will be able to make it. Many times, in fact especially when we want a pattern our heart overflows with love in what we are doing.

Star blocks shine in so many quilts for a reason. Stars are a perfect design for cotton fabric; the simple squares and triangles needed to make stars work well with the straight grain of the fabric. Yet despite a limited range of patchwork shapes, how you construct the quilt block can vastly change the design—and then there’s fabric choice and color placement! There’s no single path to a star quilt block!

We love star quilt blocks for the sparkle they bring to quilt designs. And there are so many to choose from! Our quilting heritage gifts us with a twinkling universe of star blocks—Sawtooth Star, Pinwheel Star, Ohio Star, Missouri Star, LeMoyne Star, Friendship Star, Lone Star, Feathered Star… Exploring all the different star quilt blocks could be a lifelong hobby!

The pattern is made of small diamonds pieced together in eight sections. These sections join together to create the eight-point star.

The pattern of the star quilt is inspired by the Morning Star. The Morning Star is the last and brightest star in the eastern horizon before dawn. It is believed the Morning Star represents the way the spirits come to Earth and serves as a link between the living and those who have passed.

Historically, star patterns were created with plant dyes and adorned buffalo hides and tipis. When missionaries arrived in the mid-to-late 1800’s, they introduced textiles and sewing to Native American women and the star quilt was born.

So I advise you to make this pattern, leave the original colors, use new ones, maybe three, four different kinds of colors, put it as a blanket for the nights, whoever is with you during the cold, can be warmed up in a fantastic work.

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