Spring Showers Pattern Free

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Spring Showers Pattern is a pattern that we can mention clearly different that the name is one thing but if you search carefully on Google you will see several meanings as the most talked about is about rains, flower seasons and the most interesting, I asked a very well known designer (I can not say the name at her request) that this pattern is actually supposed to be composed of several concentric circles and there are more things about this pattern that I was very curious and went after to know.

Spring Showers Pattern

Spring Showers Pattern
Spring Showers Pattern by Soraya Gonsalez

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I started then a research about this pattern and discovered for example that the Spring Showers Pattern is actually referring to spring which is the most colorful season of the year.  The story then of the pattern as I was told is that:

Flowers of all colors burst forth from the gardens, creating an enchanting scene. To complement the beauty of this season, craftsmen often create spring patterns in their work. These diverse patterns are varied in their names in the order of one’s creativity.

One of the most popular spring showers patterns is “showers” which I didn’t actually know and it can be both composed of several concentric circles (as we said above), each with a different color. The most common colors are pink, yellow, orange and green. It is important to choose colors that go well together, to create a harmonious appearance.

This pattern is inspired by the rains of the season, which are usually a sign of good luck. Most records of the “showers” pattern date from the beginning of the century, but it is likely to be even older. It is so interesting that the pattern changes depending on the designer or in this case, the quilter who is making it. To give you an idea it can be, circles, umbrellas, leaves, spring flowers and even Log Cabin style patterns can also be called Spring Shower because the block is made following the Log Cabin Pattern.

Spring Showers Pattern
Original pattern Spring Showers by https://stitchinpost.com.

This pattern is so difficult that to get it I spent more than 2 intense weeks searching with my wife …. believe me and when I managed to find it the site was offline but even so I will leave here the site link because the pdf I got through a quilter that sent me. REMEMBER: The pattern is not mine but belongs to https://stitchinpost.com.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful and beautiful Spring Showers Pattern and can make it for your husbands, wives or for your home regardless of how it will end up in your format. May our spring be as blooming as our passion for sewing. Download the pattern and be happy. If you don’t receive the pattern you can leave it in the comments and we will reply quickly so you don’t waste your time.

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