Sparkle Zig Zag Quilt Pattern free

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Sparkle Zig Zag Quilt Pattern is just a block pattern that is actually a variation, which you can change blocks of positions, or make a quilt with several other types of blocks, which I even learned this week that can be even the same type of block but placed in different order! Quilt is actually imagination first!

Sparkle Zig Zag Quilt Pattern

Sparkle Zig Zag Quilt Pattern
Sparkle Zig Zag Quilt Pattern

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Something about this pattern is the way you look at it, pay close attention to the image, what can you see outside the zig zag on the quilt? Can you see a 3D block? If you can see that then it is very clear that the colors of the fabrics or prints that you will use will make all the difference to make your final product, and the most interesting thing is that preserving this “no intention of 3D” in your work or even the “intention of 3D” will be a piece that can have a good sale value, of course depending on the region you live.

This FREE PATTERN will help you sew your own. With detailed instructions and pictures, this pattern is easy enough for a beginner. Wake up Christmas morning snuggled in this beautiful and festive Sparkle Quilt Pattern. This quilt can be made from fat quarters, and your favorite scraps or novelty Christmas fabrics. The red and green scrap quilt looks crisp and modern with its pantograph star pattern.

Plus, the quilt blocks are large, so you’ll love how quickly you can sew together this quilt top. A Christmas-inspired quilt perfect for any sewist to make, you’ll feel extra scrappy for how fast you can create this scrap quilt. This project would make a great two color quilt pattern.

This Sparkle Zig Zag Quilt is one of the easiest, simplest and most practical to make and has hundreds of combinations to be made, it is like a “god” of quilt patterns, not unlike my favorite Log Cabin, which becomes a “god” of quilt patterns. Sparkle! This quilt combines two favorite quilt blocks, the Rambler and the V Star (also known as the Peaky and Spike/50-40 or Fight Block)

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But what about you, what is your favorite block? How would you make it? What colors do you like best? If you want to answer please put it below in the comments, and meanwhile we will leave here for you a wonderful article the first part in fact of the article about where we can buy beautiful fabrics online.  You can see more of this Sparkle Zig Zag Quilt Pattern article here on

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