Sister’s Choice Classic & Vintage Quilt Pattern

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Sister’s Choice Classic & Vintage Quilt Pattern has a good reason for being created by Kimberly Design. Below you can already see some very interesting instructions that she talks about this pattern. So read carefully and watch the full video!

Sister’s Choice Classic & Vintage Quilt Pattern

Sister’s Choice Classic & Vintage Quilt Pattern hi I’m Kimberly with a fat quarter shop and I’m so excited to show you today our first classic and vintage quilt featuring the sisters choice block which has been around over a century in each of our classic and vintage episodes we’re going to show you how you take an old block and make it fresh for today we’re using the scrumptious collection by Bonnie and Camille.

Sister's Choice Classic & Vintage Quilt Pattern
Sister’s Choice Classic & Vintage Quilt Pattern

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For Moda fabrics and we just picked three of their solids but you can do this in any variety you want you can download our free pattern in four sizes at WWF at corner shop calm first we’re going to cut our fabrics for our background we need 4 2 and 7/8 inch squares and 9 2 and 1/2 inch squares for your contrasting fabrics we need 4 2 and 7/8 inch squares and 8 2 and 1/2 inch squares we’re going to use these labels that are great they work well with any it’s so Emma or fat quarter shop pattern since in our patterns we put the labels it’s going to save you a lot of time later so I’ve got everything labeled cut ready to go let’s start sewing in the pattern our fabric a and fabric F squares are cut 2 and 7/8 inch but we cut them 1/8 inch bigger to 3 inches square so that.

We can trim them down after we prepare our half square triangles so we’re starting with 3 inch squares so we’re going to take the fabric a and on the wrong side we’re going to draw a line a quarter inch away from the center diagonal so I’m going to take my small ruler and Center a quarter inch line and I’m going to draw turn it around and do the same thing.

I’m going to continue this step on all of my fabric a squares on the wrong side now we’re going to put our fabric a and fabric F squares right sides together and we’re going to pin twice on each square when you’re pinning you want to really make sure that your corners are all lined up so.

I’m doing two pins just to really hold it in place so when you’re sewing your fabrics do not move around and you keep a very accurate block so now we have all four of our half square triangles pinned next let’s make our half square triangles by sewing on the line we just drew I’m going to chain piece and I’m going to sew all of the same side together at one time you want to use a 2.0 stitch length and 100% cotton.

So I’m just so directly on the line and pull the pin on that side as you sew you’re just going to continue for all four now we’ve sewn all four together and we’re just going to clip them apart and doing this really saves time and thread by chain piecing these together we’ll just flip these apart and do the exact same thing on the other side now we have our iron and a cutting mat out and we’re going to finish our half square triangles so what I’m going to do.

Is just put my ruler on the square do you want to align your ruler at the top and the bottom parallel to your stitch line and cut and I like to take all my half square triangles lay them out and set the seams all at one time and then press them individually remember to finger press towards the darker side just gently press down and now we’re going to trim them down remember in the pattern it originally called for 2 and 7/8 inch squares but instead we cut ours 3 inches and the reason we did that is we really want to trim these down to two and a half inch square and we want them to be absolutely perfect.

So I’m going to use my two and a half inch ruler today which is the exact size you need to cut your house where triangle down I’m going to use a rotating mat and I’m going to align the very center diagonal line on top of my half square triangle and I’m going to first trim on two sides I’m gonna trim the first side and the second side I’m gonna rotate them at what.

Download Pattern or if if you cannot download, use this link directly¬†Download directly pattern- I like about the rotating mat is your fabric and never moves and you can see that I’ve only trimmed you know just a sliver off and I’m just gonna put that in here and now we’ve got a perfect two and a half inch square so let’s do that one…” continue full video.

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