Simply Scrappy Quilt Pattern

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Simply Scrappy Quilt Pattern was designed by Becky Tillman Petersen, unfortunately the person who sent us this pattern didn’t leave us her blog to give us more information and of course to link directly to it to know more about the pattern and of course about the author of this beautiful pattern. Since now if you know the author Becky Tillman Petersen, let us know to put the direct link to her site about this article and of course to know a little more about our designer who made this wonderful project.

Simply Scrappy Quilt Pattern

Simply Scrappy Quilt Pattern
Simply Scrappy Quilt Pattern by Becky Tillman Petersen

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What I always find amazing is how creative designers are. This pattern at a quick glance you have the slight impression that it was based on the log cabin block. But just an impression. The designer of this piece was very well elaborated and the colors were very well applied, we can see that by splitting a red with a light lilac, and in the center of the main blocks we have mini blocks that use the pattern. Simple and beautiful, that’s what I love most, simplicity combined with wonder.

Based on this pattern we then have some suggestions on how you can use it to make a difference in your Christmas party with the family in three environments of your home. Let’s see?

Simply Scrappy Quilt Pattern ideas

Simply Scrappy Quilt Pattern can be used in your Christmas party, how? Firstly by making it in Christmas colors, that’s right, for Christmas. What would the change look like then? It would look something like below (just illustrative). Where there was lilac, it became green. Where there is red (a little light) you can put a dark, Christmas red if you prefer.

Simply Scrappy Quilt Pattern Download

Well, now that you’ve seen the pattern it’s time to start making your own. To do this you just need to download it right here below on the button. We hope you enjoyed this wonderful pattern and that you have a great use of it.

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