Sanctuary Quilt Block free

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Sanctuary Quilt Block is a beautiful block pattern that we can make especially if you like flowers, as this type of block can be well used in quilt patterns for quilts, rugs, wall paintings and of course beautiful curtains. Let’s go below and see more about how we can apply this block in our home. This pattern is by AGF Studios

Sanctuary Quilt Block

Sanctuary Quilt Block
Sanctuary Quilt Block

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Using fabrics with beautiful colors can make our home cozier and especially in these days of intense cold that we are, the cold even hurts our bones, but the truth is that even a beautiful and well elaborated quilt of this Sanctuary Quilt Block makes a difference, that’s where the game of colors comes in!

In the case of this Sanctuary Quilt Block pattern you can use colors that draw heat, like black, yellow and others that you like to use in yours. Unlike the heat that we should use cooler colors to give that refreshing impression (at least I think and feel that way).[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_8]

On the other hand you can make your home more beautiful by using this pattern when making your quilt bedspreads, decorative towels (in this case in the form of appliqué with soft fabrics that go well with your bath towel, table runner, rugs, pillows and etc. And it also appeals to all audiences, as there are many ways and styles of making the block.

Sanctuary Quilt, a wonderful and different work that should be done calmly and has a very beautiful result, keep that in mind. In the decoration of the bedroom this quilt can make the atmosphere cheerful and romantic can also be make the environment more delicate.

It is worth making pieces of this kind that make us proud of our handicraft skills. Very well explained in the tutorial, this work was made with these beautiful colors, but if you wish you can also use the ones you prefer. The colors of your quilt will depend on your taste. Choose your fabric according to the decoration you want.

But with love and patience it is possible to make amazing works. Sanctuary Quilt is the kind of work that, although relatively easy, may require a little more patience when composing the piece. We hope you enjoyed this pattern, and that you can always visit us for more beautiful blocks.

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