Ruby Reds quilt pattern

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Ruby Reds quilt design by designer: Lila Taylor Scott and it is exactly this pattern that we are going to see now which by the way is very beautiful, can be considered a classic and others that we are going to see just below.

Ruby Reds quilt pattern

Ruby Reds quilt pattern
Ruby Reds quilt pattern

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Ruby Reds quilt pattern can be used for various occasions such as for a beautiful romantic day, for a beautiful walk with the family on a wonderful picnic, but not only that, let’s go on?

The beautiful red, pink and white fabrics are stunning in this quilt. It will be lovely on your table for Valentine’s Day and for Christmas. Or, use it as a lap quilt any time of the year.
Naturally, another color will also be stunning. Choose dark and medium fabrics in the color you like best and make the color pop with white or another neutral color.

Blocks of red and white scratchy stars will capture your heart at the toss. Smart, mixed prints make three versions of the same star block. Designer Lila Taylor Scott used 15 fabrics with varying amounts of red and white to make her quilt.

Because of the number of similar colored fabrics used, you may want to label a small sample of each and keep it for reference before cutting in the rest of each pattern. This pattern you can see detail in

Lila used 4×6″ index cards and stapled in a small piece of each fabric, noting the position on the block. For example, Block A uses five fabrics, so the index card for Block A has five fabric scraps. Blocks B and C each have six fabrics on their index cards.

Ruby Reds quilt pattern is a pattern that really draws our attention to the colors that are making up this wonderful pattern that you saw just above in the first image. Do you know what is most interesting?

The pattern is named Ruby (at least that’s what I think) because of the colors of Ruby which is a very beautiful stone that depending on how it is processed and used can have a very high market value.

Ruby is also important in certain cultures, for example Arabs like to give gems as gifts to their wives for their weddings, during their marriages and on many other occasions.

We have in mind there are several patterns that simulate the preciousness of the colors and patterns and for example the Arabs are very fond of precious stones as gifts for their wives at their wedding, during their marriage and on several other occasions. We can then make patterns in the most diverse ways possible. Let’s see the materials used?

Ruby Reds quilt pattern
Ruby Reds quilt pattern


– 1-3⁄4 yard print #1 in red (A-blocks, setting and corner triangles, binding)
– 1⁄3 yard red print #2 (blocks A, B, and C; setting blocks)
– 1⁄3 yard each of white and red print #1 and red and white print #1 (A blocks)
– 1⁄4 yard white and red dot #1 (A blocks)
– 1⁄2 patio each of white and red prints #2 and #3 (B blocks, fixture blocks)
– 5⁄8 yard red and white print #2 (B blocks, setting blocks)
– 1⁄4 red yard print #3 (B blocks, setting blocks)
– 1⁄2 yard red print #4 (B blocks, setting blocks)
– 1⁄3 yard each of white and red stamped #2 and red and white stamped #3 (C blocks)
– 1⁄2 yard red stamped #5 (C blocks)
– 3⁄8 yard red and black print (C blocks)
– 1⁄8 yard redand-black dot print (C blocks)
– 3-1⁄4 yards of backing fabric
– 58″ square batting.

  • Finished quilt: 51-1⁄2″ square.
  • Finished blocks: 12″ square, 6″ square
  • Quantities are for 44⁄45″-wide, 100% cotton fabrics.
  • Measurements include: 1⁄4″- seam allowance. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise noted.

To arrive at this pattern I BELIEVE the designer must have sought out the red of the precious stonea, and the white with the light red a representation of Ruby’s brilliance, magnificent don’t you think?

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