Red Heart Hearts Diamonds Afghan

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Red Heart Hearts & Diamonds Afghan this pattern is one that I at least like to call soft and delicate. You know when you meet a person who is fine, delicate, and as soft-spoken as a little child? Well this is exactly what I think of as a pattern.

Red Heart Hearts & Diamonds Afghan

Red Heart Hearts Diamonds Afghan
Red Heart Hearts Diamonds Afghan by

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Red Heart Hearts & Diamonds Afghan inspires me to be like that too, to show and to be soft spoken of this pattern with more affection I can say is a “treat”. Cuddles are things that we get and think are cute or even a blessing from God, it depends on how you look at it. This pattern has its originality in

This boss despite using only two colors being pink and white and still with the white sides closing everything he and his format a detail without heart in the pink part and florid details in the white part both in the center and natural shows how delicate this pattern is.

Perhaps you are asking why I am putting this pattern on now when perhaps I could have put it on much earlier? One reason is that this pattern combines two special occasions: The first is Valentine’s Day after all it is an excellent minimum for the one you love, 2-is that for Mother’s Day it shows all the love we feel for her as we love our mother?

That’s why this pattern is so special it brings to us what is special it shows to us what is good so nothing better than the crochet pattern to bring that love and that illumination of affection between a mother and her son or daughter.

One important detail I can also point out is that you don’t have to hold on to just the pink with white if it’s to your liking in place of the pink you can use a red keeping the white strips or you can put the pink part as white and maybe the white strips turn it into a link it will look amazingly beautiful.

If you don’t like hearts or you really want to give a gift to someone else and heart maybe not what the ideal and you can put a rose, well we don’t have So a pattern or design of how you will put a rose, but with sure spent creativity you will make an excellent crochet of that we are absolutely sure.

But unfortunately with the covid-19 pandemic many people lost their mothers or husbands or wives or mothers who lost sons or daughters, and maybe you are reading this article and was a little sad to know that unfortunately you will not be able to win or give a gift.

But I want to say from the bottom of my heart that just as I no longer have a mother to give as a gift, I have other people who love that are women who love to crochet and I will make for them as if I were making for my mother relieving my heart.


I really hope that you have enjoyed this article, that you have understood that it is a minimum and with a crochet pattern it can be so special in our lives Especially for us who are women and have the delicacy already given by God, I wish you and all the moms to be very happy.

Download this pattern now and get ready to enter a journey of much love and happiness get ready to do what you do best crochet patterns.

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