Rectangle quilt block tutorial

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Rectangle quilt block tutorial amazing how that rectangle mixed with other rectangles can make minimal patterns like the one in the image below not to mention that with the exact then exact measurement you can make countless projects just this block.

Rectangle quilt block tutorial

The Rectangle quilt block free tutorial with squares mixed with other inmates you can form patterns of the most diverse emotional possible so but here draws attention in fact can be the Width length and even spacing that you post making and It is worth remembering that you can compose a rectangle with two squares of the same size together what will change in each square is a type of fabric.

Rectangle quilt block tutorial
Rectangle quilt block tutorial by

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Example in the image below the designer this square actually made it very clear the measurements you can make in front you can decorate or actually being to your own taste. Ultimately here will rule here is exactly use end when it comes to patterns and rules the fabrics not just the design.

Using fat quarters

This block is a great one for using fat quarters, and I think it works best with non-directional prints, since the blocks end up turned in many different directions when you put together the quilt top. For my Innocent Crush quilt, I used fat quarters of 11 different prints (all the prints from the Charmed palette).

Start Rectangle quilt block tutorial

To start, square up the long edge of one of your fat quarters and cut a strip 3.25″ wide. You’ll want to cut this strip along the long side of the fat quarter, which means you’ll have a length of approximately 22″. Cut a strip of solid white (or your solid of choice) that’s 1.5″ wide and the same length as your printed strip (in this case, about 22″).

Rectangle quilt block tutorial
Rectangle quilt block tutorial

Tutorial block

Well, I hope you can understand this pattern, but I’m going to make it a little bigger, because I thought the size given was a little small and it really takes a lot of work to make. You can access the tutorial for this block here directly on the designer’s website which by the way has no name? TUTORIAL FREE HERE

If for some reason you cannot access the website to see the tutorial you can then access the button below so you can then get the access in your email.

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