Lap Quilt Design Pattern free

Lap Quilt Design

- Advertisement - Lap Quilt Design Pattern by Stephanie is a very nice pattern indeed, I even think that this pattern is one of those that you can never miss in your collection of patterns and that is why we bring it to you, but we have to say something …

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Christmas Tree Free Quilt

Christmas Tree Free Quilt

- Advertisement - Christmas Tree Free Quilt was sent to us by an anonymous reader and we liked this one a lot, to the point that we thought it would be interesting to bring you this pattern to start your ideas for the upcoming Christmas season. So let’s begin to …

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Busy Bee Garden free pattern

Busy Bee Garden

- Advertisement - Busy Bee Garden is a really wonderful job especially if you are a cheerful person or have children, nephews or grandchildren. A job that needs love and care to be done successfully, or in fact to be as inspiring as the idea of doing it. This Busy …

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Fall Leaves Place Mat free quilt

- Advertisement - Fall Leaves Place Mat free quilt was Inspired by: Swirling Leaves from designer Melissa Corry and Quilt tester: Diane Tomlinson who had her result Finished place mar: 21-1/2 ×12-1/2″. As you can see the pattern is quite simple to make, actually simple if you are already considered …

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Christmas Quilt Traditions Free Gift Bag


- Advertisement - Christmas Quilt Traditions Free Gift Bag is a wonderful pattern isn’t it? And that’s just because of its practicality, with this pattern you are sure to gladden the hearts of many people. How do you do it? Christmas Quilt Traditions Free Gift Bag Christmas Quilt Traditions Free …

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The Shoo Fly Quilt Pattern

Shoo Fly Quilt

- Advertisement - The Shoo Fly Quilt Pattern this particular one we are talking about is not mine. A beautiful pattern with soft colors that I particularly liked a lot, but this pattern as I said is not mine and I want to present it to you, because I saw …

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Tumbling Jewels Quilt pattern Free

Tumbling Jewels Quilt Patterns

- Advertisement - Tumbling Jewels Quilt pattern is a wonderful piece that is easy to be made and very cheap, the quilt is a technique used by many artisans for its practicality and the beautiful end result that everyone loves. The colors of your quilt will depend on your taste, …

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Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern

Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern 1

- Advertisement - Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern is one of those quilts that you really can’t miss. Simple yet sophisticated and great for those who have children or actually want to give it as a gift to a child. This quilt is really wonderful! Vacation Throw Quilt Pattern The best …

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Spiral Quilt Christmas Tree Skirt free

Spiral Quilt Christmas Tree Skirt 1

- Advertisement - Spiral Quilt Christmas Tree Skirt is a very engaging also very beautiful pattern that you can be making for Christmas baking Of course this way you can enjoy an even more beautiful decoration for your tree we also take the opportunity to tell you what pattern you …

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Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern Free

Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern

- Advertisement - Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern free is a true table runner, simple and quick to make in the case of course, if you are an intermediate to experienced quilter. There are some details that we need to pay attention to when making our table runner and that …

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