Quilt Orange Peel pattern Free

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Quilt Orange Peel pattern is a pattern that if you pay attention carefully you will see that it is actually an orange! the same pattern that forms the “orange” is what makes the sequence of leaves, and we can still use creativity to make other formats with the block called Orange Peel. Let’s talk a little more about this pattern?

Quilt Orange Peel pattern

Quilt Orange Peel pattern
Quilt Orange Peel pattern

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With some similarity to the Cathedral pattern free, this one is different because it doesn’t have a square in the middle which makes it an orange as we said in the beginning. Patterns like this are sensational for the diversification of colors and sizes that we can make, whether for a quilt, a quilt with a background preferably in cotton or silk (or other that you prefer).

We are three weeks into our summer machine quilting practice sessions. Are you making some progress? The first session was a straight line grid quilted with a walking foot; the second was the classic clamshell design quilted free motion. This session, we will build on the half-circle shape from last week and practice the orange peel design.

For an individual practice sandwich, you will need an 8″ square of fabric for the top and a slightly larger square of batting and backing fabric. Mark the Orange Peel design on the 8″ square of fabric, layer and baste.

Begin the orange peel design at one end of a row of circles. Pull up the bobbin thread as described in Beginning and Ending Machine Quilted Stitches and take the first small stitches by moving the quilt slowly under the needle. Continue moving the quilt under the needle, following the outside row of half-circles. This is the same shape you practiced last week! Again, you can work horizontally along the row from left to right (or right to left)…

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