Quilt Color Blocks Patterns Free

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Quilt Color Blocks Patterns These colorful prints do indeed take center stage with some careful fussy cutting to  howcase the collection’s animal motifs. Quilt patterns like this one draw attention by the simplicity of the cut it is made of (your pattern or square) but with the colors of the fabrics involved as the highlight. Have you ever stopped to think that a fabric can make all the difference when decorating, selling, or gifting someone?

Quilt Color Blocks Patterns

Quilt Color Blocks Patterns
Quilt Color Blocks Patterns by https://www.tulapink.com/

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Free quilt patterns Color Blocks are like that, you will always find the same pattern (or cut), but the colors will always make the difference. Want an example of what I’m talking about? Take for example the Log Cabin, it is in fact a free block pattern, but that different as to the colors you can use.

Another example is when you take the same block, let’s talk about the pattern desdrem again now. This pattern seems to be boring and a bit laborious, but have you ever stopped to imagine and make it in various colors? No different this pattern we are presenting now.

This pattern was well made with the fabrics you can find at freespiritfabrics.com <- log on to see the fabrics you will love to use in your projects.

You surely found this pattern wonderful didn’t you? So pay attention to how it was made, the fabrics that were used, the blocks that were well matched and now think about how you can use this pattern to decorate your holiday parties, your sofa, your wall, your coffee corner, the sky is the limit.

Quilt Color Blocks Patterns
Quilt Color Blocks Patterns by https://www.tulapink.com/

For you to download you can use the link here in front -> download the pattern here. If you can’t access the link for any reason, then try the button below.

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