Purple Play Quilt Pattern

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Purple Play Quilt Pattern is actually simple and very interesting to make. But did I find it pretty? Yes I did and to be honest I’m sure you also found it beautiful and that’s just the way it is, of course the PDF will give more instructions on the pattern and how to do it correctly.

Purple Play Quilt Pattern

Purple Play Quilt Pattern
Purple Play Quilt Pattern

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Use a narrow color palette of two brights (purple and pink) and two neutrals (black and white) to produce a bold wall hanging. Fabrics are from the Lola by Studio 8, Matrix, and Quilting Temptations collections, all from Quilting Treasures. Quilting Design courtesy of Handi Quilter; machine-quilted by Vicki Hoth. As you may have noticed this pattern gives you the possibility to make a beautiful panel for our home, I even imagined here in my thoughts it being colored and on the entrance wall of my house surrounded by two plants. What do you think? I really like these types of patterns to put and use as decoration in my home, the most interesting thing is that the way the fabrics are laid out gives us more color ideas and we can even assemble some designs simply by changing the colors to match the colors in different sequences of the pattern, (like a reverse) in the order of placing it.

Download Purple Play Quilt Pattern

For you to download it we will leave the two good ways to do it, the first being for you to use the direct link from www.allpeoplequilt.com and the second one for you to put your email below as an alternative. Choose the one that suits you best, but I recommend using the link above from allpeoplequilt.com.

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