Prety Pastels Quilt Pattern


Prety Pastels Quilt (I think that’s the name of the pattern) was sent to us by an email from a facebook person that we particularly don’t know who it is and then when we contacted the person the facebook no longer existed, nor did he tell us about the provenance of the pattern.

Prety Pastels Quilt

Quilt Prety PastelsĀ  from what we then read in the PDF this PDF seems to be from the website that we love so much to buy our fabrics like this beautiful collection I RECOMMEND it without a doubt. Let’s go to our pattern, (as I said) I think the name should be Prety Pastels Quilt.

Prety Pastels Quilt

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Prety Pastels Quilt by

A wonderful pattern that you can make it in the colors you really like, such as changing to the colors of Christmas or any other that you want.

1. Download the pattern?

Prety Pastels Quilt
Prety Pastels Quilt

You can download this wonderful pattern on the button below and take the time to leave comments if you know who the author is, if the site we put here is really what we think. We want to put all links and credits specifically to your designer.

Or if it is against some kind of rule and it can’t be here, we will make sure to delete this article and the pattern.


Send download link to:

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