Posy Patch Quilt Block Free

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Posy Patch Quilt Block by www.schnitzelandboo.com  really is a very interesting pattern to work with because the geometric shapes as you can see in the image below refer to flowers or can you say maybe wildflowers of course you may find the color not so pretty but we can put what you can choose the color you want within the pattern you are making agree?

Posy Patch Quilt Block

Posy Patch Quilt Block
Posy Patch Quilt Block

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This pattern Posy Patch Quilt Block demonstrates a simplicity and a very good ease of making but what draws attention is its geometry that fits with any type of fabric including each petal of this flower you can make it in a different way I declare nothing more beautiful than a pattern decorating our home.

This same pattern besides you can make for example a comforter, a blanket, maybe a rug, or even a panel for your wall, or a beautiful pillow this pattern really allows us to use creativity for any circumstance or decoration of our home I really LOVE this one.

The simplicity of a pattern shows that the designer who made it seeks not only to do something even I will call shot but also wants everyone from beginner to the most experienced can do it the best way possible adapting only that which is of interest to each one that so I will do. Do you know what the purpose of which is our house with flowers?

Arrangements are indispensable items in interior decoration. Nowadays, not only the quality of the materials, but also the variety of plants and artificial flowers available in the market has made it even easier to keep the house well decorated.

Especially because of the practicality that floral arrangements offer for decoration. Practically no work is required, especially since they do not require daily care as do natural flowers.

There are many reasons to include floral arrangements in your home decor. Whether it’s to receive friends or simply to feel good when you get home, they make all the difference in the decoration.

Here below shows in this image what I want to do. This pattern is not mine I DID NOT MAKE IT. But I want to do following the pattern model of the block below that you can even download that is also not my designer.

Posy Patch Quilt Block Free
Posy Patch Quilt Block Free

The floral arrangement makes the house more “alive”, more beautiful, and cozy, even when it is made with permanent plants and flowers.

We hope this article helps you to use more and more flowers in your home, of course I mean the ones made of fabric, natural or any other you wish. So, all you have to do now is download your tutorial.

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