Poncho Crochet Pattern free

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Poncho Crochet Pattern is one of those wonderful patterns that we like to use regardless of the occasion or even the place we go and the reason is quite simple because it is a very well elaborated pattern firm strokes beautiful colors that cause wonderfully with each other and for those who like to look at our blog know that when it comes to colors is one of my requirements the perfect marriage between them.

Poncho Crochet Pattern

This pattern crochet is by Designed by Lorna Miser and you can see in https://www.willowyarns.com. Looking at it in a broader way we can put this pattern as one of those that should never be missing in our PDF collection and better yet after it is done it is one of the ponchos that should never be missing in our closet. One thing that catches my attention is that there are certain patterns that no matter how cold or hot it is, or how medium-sized they are, there are patterns that we can use with ease.

Poncho Crochet Pattern
Poncho Crochet Pattern by Designed by Lorna Miser and you can see in www.willowyarns.com.

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Specifically when we talk about crochet and also in some cases knitting it is very clear that we can use them regardless of the weather that is doing if it is cold we will not pass cold and if it is hot we will not melt from heat in one of the great advantages of making a crochet well done beautiful and for any occasion.

Looking at the picture of this Poncho Crochet Pattern more closely you will notice some important details such as in the block where the flower is, the thread around it is a little thicker but you can also use thinner crochet thread to make a thinner poncho.

Of course you can’t use fine thread at certain times or in certain patterns, not because it looks ugly, but because of the safety of the pattern itself. If you are a beginner, I will explain: Imagine you are using a blanket and when you sleep your foot may get stuck between the threads of that crocheted blanket.

If you make a thin pattern you run the great risk of bursting part of that pattern and unfortunately depending on it you will lose your crochet blanket. And that is exactly why certain patterns must be used with specific threads by their designers because they know very well to what extent a certain part of that crochet work is resistant or not.

The Poncho Crochet Pattern is a very well made pattern that any woman can wear as I said earlier for a casual matter for the day to day or if you have cold she wants to use for the supermarket every day finally it is a pattern for all occasions and for constant use.

But this is my point of view you can have your different point of view with everything for sure after all we are different and we like different things really?  Well sends crochet garments that I like to be honest and one of the reasons that its elegance and by the woman is complicated it fits our body regardless of whether we are thin fat or average agree with me.

And if you feel up to a little chubby so to speak use the Poncho a good option for that hidden in those fats, but we do not like much then Poncho is yes independent if we are thin or medium fat a mandatory investment in our closet.

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that you understand this pattern and can make in your closet amazing pieces in various colors using the same pattern. Also leave your comment and tell us if you like and what you think of this wonderful Poncho Crochet Pattern.[download_after_email id=”1030″]

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