Patriotic Pinwheels Throw free

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Patriotic Pinwheels Throw pattern free is Red, white, and blue fabrics shine brightly in a project sized for a Quilts of Valor donation. Fabrics are from the Stonehenge Stars and Stripes collection by Linda Ludovico and Deborah Edwards for Northcott.  So let’s take a look at some of the details of this pattern that I’m sure you’ll find beautiful!

Patriotic Pinwheels Throw free

Patriotic Pinwheels Throw
Patriotic Pinwheels Throw by

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As you noted just above this article Patriotic Pinwheels Throw pattern it was created or developed by Linda Ludovico and Deborah Edwards. This is very interesting because two women have given life to a block called Pinwheels Throw made of the colors of the American flag and it really looks very good.

I noticed that on the edges are little colored stars if you zoom in on the images you can see this.

Another very interesting detail about this boss that I will actually change when it comes to making the background they put a beige background turned to a cream color, and actually I would like a white fabric I keep thinking how would this background look in white and the velvety fabric not exaggerated.

For the colors I would put the white background with velvet fabric, for the red rhombus and I would also put a velvet fabric, the block Where is the star so to speak the Pinwheels Throw I Joseli a dangerous fabric in silk for example maybe or a blue suede.

Of course this is different at my personal cost and not yours the designers who created a pattern did everything very well done and beautiful I don’t have to speak I simply made it clear to my taste and how I will do it.

And you also gave me an idea to do other works like this imitating the flag of other colored countries I believe the Brazilian flag in the tone of green, yellow, blue and white would be excellent.

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I hope you liked this pattern that you can download of course that you will be directed to the original site. Then you will have two ways: you will click on the link below to be directed to the site and add your email in the field below to then receive direct to your e-mail if a problem arose.

This pattern can be downloaded in two ways: 1- CLICK here to do it directly on the pattern site (ADVICE) 2- Place your email in the button below to be sent directly.

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