Patchwork Pillow Tutorial Free

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Patchwork Pillow Tutorial is a beautiful pillow that you can use both in the living room and bedroom, especially when the bedroom is one of a girl or a baby. The colors are light, with different shades, but together they are formidable. Now below you can see some photos and also some parts as materials used and tips on how to make this beautiful pillow. For you to have an idea an elaborate work like this is hard to see but not impossible to do. Below are some tips for you to make this beautiful pillow.

Patchwork Pillow Tutorial
Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

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Patchwork Pillow Tutorial


  •  3″ x 3″ squares of various prints of fabric, 18
  • 3″ x 3″ squares of stripe fabric, 18
  • 2″ x 15″  piece of border fabric, 2
  • 2″ x 18″ piece border fabric, 2
  • 2″ x 15″  piece of gridded interfacing, 2
  • 2″ x 18″ piece of gridded interfacing, 2
  • 18″ x 18″ piece of fabric for pillow back
  • 1 yard gridded fusible interfacing – cut a piece that is 20″ x 20″ to start.
  • 2 1/4 yards of pom pom trim
  • 18″ pillow form

Step One: Gridded Interfacing

We are going to use the quilters grid interfacing as a “shortcut” way to ensure that we get even points when stitching our pillow top together. I love using this technique. It makes for super fast and accurate piecing and is wonderful for small projects like pillows.

The gridded interfacing is double-sided. One side has fusible adhesive. Begin by placing the fusible side up. The grid is broken down into 1″ squares. Since we are working with 3″ squares of fabric, each fabric square will cover 9 squares on the grid. Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

Begin laying out your design. You want to have 6 rows of 6 squares each. My design alternated various prints of fabric with stripes of the same fabric. I think it helped to give the pillow some continuity and balance out all of the busy prints.

Pillows are an important part of decoration and relaxation in any environment, especially in our home, so we will highlight the most diverse patterns for you that just like us love pillows in every possible environment of the house.

Patchwork Pillow Tutorial
Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

For a bit of variety, I alternated the strips so that they go in different directions on the rows. I recommend working in small batches. Place the squares on top of the interfacing so that the edges of the fabric line up with the lines on the interfacing.

For every taste and home there is a type of pattern to make your pillow, whether for your bedroom, for the living room, for the office, to put on the carpeted floor for your baby to stay on, or for those who use patterns like this to sell this Patchwork Pillow Tutorial is perfect.

Environments that have children require joy and this can be shown in the prints that can be of comic book heroes that they like, can be colorful but all within the combinations of the decoration of the house.

Here we have a beautiful pattern that matches any environment of the house, the family office just use your imagination. If you don’t have prints like those of this pattern, no problem, it’s time to get creative and use what you have at home.

Patchwork Pillow Tutorial
Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

 Download Patchwork Pillow Tutorial

The wrong side of the fabric will be touching the fusible side of the interfacing. Now you can download this beautiful pillow for free, and we take the opportunity to ask you to comment below and share it on social networks.

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