Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern Free

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Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern free is a true table runner, simple and quick to make in the case of course, if you are an intermediate to experienced quilter. There are some details that we need to pay attention to when making our table runner and that is what we will cover now in this article. This pattern designed by Julie Cefalu from

Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern

Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern
Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern by

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The free Nordic Star Table Runner pattern helps us realize that a table runner pattern can be very simple or very complex, depending of course on how we can make it or how we want to make it. Something that caught a lot of attention in this pattern was that its simplicity with a complex face, can make the table as beautiful as it is, especially if it is for drinking good wine with those we love.

Quilt patterns tend to give us the idea of marriage, engagement, dating, flirting and of course a night of pleasure, after all if you pay attention a good wine can make everything tastier and a tidy house decorated, a well laid table, is all good!

The truth is that decorating the table is something or a precept that we need to keep in mind. When we set the table for our meals we notice that the food looks nicer, even if it is just fried bacon. Do you know another good function of a table runner?

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Well, this is my mother’s, she had a habit of always making two models of table runner, and she named them! It was always the first one for the table when guests came or no one was eating at the table, and another one was always ours that he affectionately called my piggy bib (laughs).

And do you have a similar story like this? Leave it in the comments because it will be really hilario and even kill the nostalgia of those who we love so much.

What Is the Standard Table Runner Size?

Table runners or this Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern can make a decorative statement on your dining table. They can celebrate special occasions, changing seasons, or brighten up the dining area. But, how big should they be? What is the standard table runner size?

Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern
Nordic Star Table Runner Pattern by

Standard lengths for table runners vary from 36 to 108 inches. Widths can also differ and are usually between 10 to 15 inches. The standard width is a third of your table’s width. An overhang of no more than 6 inches on each end can add a decorative effect.

Adding a table runner to your décor adds a pop of color and individuality. Read on to find out what size will work best for your space.

he finished runner measures 15″ x 54″ and the blocks are 12″ finished. You could add or substract the number of blocks to make the table runner longer or shorter. This 54″ length is just right for a 72″ table. I always have a seasonal table runner on my kitchen/dining room table. They make great gifts too!

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