Nine Patch Square Dance Quilt Pattern

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Nine Patch Square Dance Quilt Pattern é esse o nome dado para esse padrão feito pela quilter Carrier que conseguiu de uma forma bem simples usar o block nine patch nesse belo quilt. Gostou? Nós também.

Nine Patch Square Dance Quilt Pattern

Nine Patch Square Dance Quilt Pattern
Nine Patch Square Dance Quilt Pattern

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The Nine Patch quilt block has been around for hundreds of years, and as the years have passed, the Nine Patch has gained in popularity. Now we’re seeing variations on the Nine Patch quilt block pop up in quilts all over the country. Let’s have a look at this quilt block, and some Nine Patch quilt patterns, as they are today… If you want this pattern nine pacht from image above you can get here in

You can is using a stack of fat quarters for this series and the Nine-Patch block is a great starting point. It uses techniques that are the foundation to many other quilt blocks, and this simple block provides many design possibilities for easy and appealing quilts. There are lots of ways to piece patchwork and rather than right and wrong methods, I am going to show you a range of methods to try with the belief that you will learn your preference as you sew and find what works best for you.

  • Finished block size, 12” square.  Finished size does not include the seam allowance so the unfinished size is 12½” square.
  • Basic Equipment for Cutting and Piecing
  • Quilt ruler. A good starting size is 6½”x 12½”. Inches are the measurement preference for most quilters although many tools and sewing machine stitches are measured in mm.
  • Quarter inch foot for your machine.
  • Good quality lightweight cotton thread. My preference is Aurfil 50wt.
  • Sharp pins. There are different thicknesses and lengths of pins.  Piecing is easiest with pins that are around 0.5mm thick.
  • Size 80 sewing machine needles. Machine needles should be replaced frequently or they lose their sharpness and start to skip stitches. I like to use Superior needles that are made of titanium and last longer.
  • Cutting Mat – invest in the largest that you can comfortably fit into your working space.
  • Rotary cutter, either 45mm or 28mm.
  • Fabric marker. Generally used on the wrong side of fabric or where it won’t be seen.  This can be a soft pencil or a specific fabric marker. Sewline ceramic lead pencils are excellent.
  • Seam ripper.  We all make mistakes!
  • Quarter-inch Seam

An accurate quarter-inch seam is essential for piecing. Sewing slightly wider or narrower seams can quickly add up and make your block smaller or larger than you intended so a quarter inch foot is a great help. Test it out on two straight cut fabric scraps and measure the seam.  Is it a quarter inch? If not, you may need to adjust your needle position and keep a sticker on your machine reminding you of the settings.

If you don’t have a quarter inch foot, make a simple guide by sticking painter’s tape or washi tape on your seam plate and aligning the fabric with this as you sew. A stack of post it notes used in the same way makes a physical guide in addition to the visual cue. There are also magnetic seam guides that work in the same way, but these are not suitable for computerised machines![et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_8]

You will need

Two fat quarters of contrasting quilt cotton fabrics.  They can be solid or print, if there is contrast. I used Art Gallery Fabrics ‘Recollection’ by Katarina Roccella kindly provided by Hantex.


From each fat quarter, rotary cut two strips, 4½” x width of fabric.  Fat quarters are usually 22” wide and 18” long.  Sub-cut each strip into 4½” squares.  You need five squares in one color and four in another.  Keep the remaining fabric for future blocks. If you haven’t used a rotary cutter and quilt ruler before.

Nine Patch Square Dance Quilt Pattern
Nine Patch Square Dance Quilt Pattern


Arrange your squares into three rows of three with the colours alternating in a checkerboard style.  This block is constructed in rows and the rows are then joined together to form the block. In short, you can create various quilt patterns with the Nine Patch Block like those in the images we have shown, so all you have to do is use your creativity and make incredible works.

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