Make Your Point Quilt free patter

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Make Your Point Quilt is designer by Mabeth Oxenreider was actually a find on my part and honestly I found it amazing because the name that was put on the theme of the article on the blog where they are patterned was exactly like this: “Make Your Point”, suggestive isn’t it?

Make Your Point

Make Your Point Quilt
Make Your Point Quilt

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Actually, I was analyzing this pattern to understand why the author put the name of the pattern and believe me I really understood after a few hours? But what I actually understood might be the same as you, of placing small blocks of fabrics in positions that we consider nice for the overall design of the pattern.

And the colors are very interesting in terms of beauty and construction of the design, like if colored or monochromatic that actually black with white would also look very beautiful, and if you think about it I think that would be fantastic the design when doing it in the correct follow up, like a color runner.

Another thing that makes me think a lot is the case of the small triangles that I can vary the size if I think about making “tips” to make the pattern look like a “painting”.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_8]

Follow this reasoning and make in the center of the quilt pattern a rectangle or a square and use triangles as tips or corners and again from inside and coloring with the blocks. Did you get my idea?

That’s why I always say, quilter can’t see a piece full of blocks, triangles and rhombuses and half his brain explodes thinking about how to change, improve and make that piece look like him.

I hope you have enjoyed this Make Your Point pattern, start making your own as soon as possible, it will be a nice Christmas present, and of course don’t limit yourself to just making a quilt or blanket, or a bed liner, this pattern allows you to make pillows, cushions, table runners, table runners (same as a runner but thinner) and even a dinnerware kit.

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