Lily Pond Cherry Blossom Colours

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Lily Pond Cherry Blossom Colours is one of those patterns to take the bellows off just by looking at it to see the beauty that has been made, in the case reworked by Jane crochet design. Jane had any ideas for a new version. Inspired by the colours of Japanese Cherry Blossoms and the many hues of spring flowering Magnolias, Jane has come up with a new colour variation for the Lily Pond Blanket. This time the fresh tones of Special DK in raspberry, meadow, candy floss, apricot, grape and lime are combined with cool neutrals of mocha and parchment to create a distinctive vintage look.

Lily Pond Cherry Blossom Colours

Lily Pond Cherry Blossom Colours
Lily Pond Cherry Blossom Colours by

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Let’s talk a bit about this really wonderful pattern with some details that we will observe, about the ideas of colors and sizes and where we can apply their use inside our home. First of all let’s agree that here I am putting my point of view, but each one has its own. Also I HERE DID NOT WANT to put a NOTE on anyone’s work, because each design, each crochet has its own point of view and knows very well the work it does.

Lily Pond Cherry Blossom Colours and my opinion could not have colors so well chosen, Jane really knew what to do in tones not too dark in a work that delicate and wonderful Lily Pond Cherry Blossom Colours.

Besides the mixture of colors we can observe that Jane did with what this crochet was even more delicate when making the flowers in the center of a square, which in turn is linked with straight lines.

Surely you who have been a crochet artist for a long time or are already considered an intermediary know what I mean about this beautiful work, inspired by the Japanese colors Cherry Blossoms, and came this beautiful Lily Pond Cherry Blossom Colours.

Lily Pond Cherry Blossom Colours

You can still see more details on the web and right below we will leave you the link to download this wonderful complete standard. Our goal here is to bring you up to date with the most beautiful crochet patterns, with the only intention of presenting the most diverse and wonderful crochet works, so many that you have no idea they exist.

So many elaborate works for home, decoration, for the bedroom, for the children, for the office, for the kitchen, for the bathroom, for the living room, to dress and use in the day to day that if we put them all would take at least 10 years.

The diversification is very big, the designs are the most creative and beautiful, but of course there are those that we can call expectation crochet and the reality crochet that in fact is even funny.

Expectation crochet is what the (perhaps inexperienced) crochetier finds beautiful and tries to do the same from there…. Well there…. comes the reality hers does not even look like the original and comes the frustration. But this happens to most of us who are learning, isn’t it?

We hope you enjoyed this article and that it can then be wonderfully used by you, with ideas to use in your living room, in your bedroom, in your office or wherever you prefer, I’m here doing mine, I don’t know how long it will take me to finish, but I will use it to put on the table that my husband uses for work, he likes a crochet piece and a well decorated house.

Download Pattern by After all, a man who marries with a crochet maker has to like even a little bit of the handmade work we do. Even in an article like this we will talk about the benefits of making a beautiful crochet.

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