Lap Quilt Design Pattern free

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Lap Quilt Design Pattern by Stephanie is a very nice pattern indeed, I even think that this pattern is one of those that you can never miss in your collection of patterns and that is why we bring it to you, but we have to say something about this pattern.

Lap Quilt Design Pattern

Lap Quilt Design
Lap Quilt Design

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This pattern was sent to us via email by someone who didn’t want to identify himself and didn’t leave any explanations about the pattern, in this case we will then mention here what we discovered. First we opened the PDF and noticed that they have a website and you can access it here at

I managed to find a specific design name so I am sure that the design responsible is by Stephanie from There are really great ideas for you to access.

Quilts that keep you cozy are the ultimate homemade gift. Offering just a little bit of comfort is a simple way to really make an impact on someone’s life (or your own)! Lap quilt patterns are some of our most popular quilting patterns because they’re quick to make.

Figuring out how long or wide to make your lap quilt, however, can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created this lap quilt sizing resource complete with lap quilt sizing charts.

Lap quilt patterns are generally smaller than your typical throw quilt pattern. A lap quilt is a blanket you use to cover your legs or lap. They are often used in small reading nooks, in the living room, or created for those who are wheelchair-bound and need something cozy to keep them warm. A lap quilt pattern is usually a rectangle or square shape.

What is a lap quilt?

A lap quilt is a quilt that is used to cover a person’s lap or legs. They are generally smaller than a throw quilt and come in all shapes and sizes. While a throw quilt can get away with being a bit too bulky, you should pay special attention to who will be using the lap quilt and where they will be using it. You want the quilt to be comfy, but not burdensome.[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_8]

This is especially important when you are making a lap quilt for someone in a wheelchair. Too big of a quilt will make it hard to move around. Often times, these quilts are more rectangular in size.

Lap Quilt Sizes Chart

Looking for a guide to making the perfect lap quilt? Check out our free size chart below for some size guidelines.

Lap Quilt Sizes Chart

Looking for a guide to making the perfect Lap Quilt Design? Check out our free size chart below for some size guidelines.

Lap Quilt Size Width Length
Small 36 inches 45 inches
Small 36 inches 48 inches
Medium 30 inches 60 inches
Large 45 inches 60 inches
Large / Long 54 inches 72 inches


Wheel Chair Quilt Sizes

Looking to make a wheel chair quilt? Check out our chart below for the perfect size. You can do Lap Quilt Design!

Wheel Chair
Quilt Size
Width Length
Small 33 inches 40 inches
Small Square 36 inches 36 inches
Medium 36 inches 40 inches
Large 40 inches 40 inches

We hope you have enjoyed this wonderful quilt work that is very beautiful and that you can create in various sizes of course that goes according to your taste and need. If you like it, leave your comment and tell us what you think!

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  1. I wanted the free pattern download. Gave my email and have not received anything. I checked my spam box and nothing there either. Any help would be appreciated.


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