Interwoven Bigger Quilt pattern free

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Interwoven Bigger Quilt Pattern was a find, actually a great find he free here at this site I found it, and actually I was after this pattern for days, because I really want to make a nice curtain and do some tests to see if they would look good or not where I want to hang it.

Interwoven Bigger Quilt Pattern

Interwoven Bigger Quilt Pattern
Interwoven Bigger Quilt Pattern

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I’ll be very honest with you, I’ve spent hours looking at this pattern and trying to understand what its design portrays, in fact the only thing that came and I always see in it Interwoven Bigger Quilt  is the 3D, and if you look further away that’s where the 3D pattern stands out even more.

Particularly I really liked the pattern, the techniques used that are as simple as cutting the fabrics, and that actually will need about 300 pieces of fabric or more to make the size I need.

I really want to make it in the colors pink and white, or in these shades, but seeing the picture in blue with black and its shades I also liked a lot, so I’m in doubt now in which colors to create, so I’m going back to the old habit of making a mini to test![et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_8]

A and speaking of testing I always do that, I make mini Interwoven Bigger Quilt pieces of the patterns I find to know if it will work, if the colors will match as I want, or even to get the cuts and seams right.

But truth be told this pattern when I stare at it makes my eyes cross hahah. And I haven’t even started to make it yet, now imagine when I start making it, I think I’ll feel a little sick hahah.

Jokes aside, this pattern is one of those that we can do with the most diverse types of colors, and depending on the colors I believe that the most intense one will be red.

The green can give you an optical illusion aspect, I believe that if you stare for a few minutes you will have the impression that the “drawing” is moving which can make the pattern even more intriguing or differentiated, after all 3D always gives us that perspective, doesn’t it?

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you can actually make the Interwoven Bigger Quilt pattern for whatever or wherever you use it, because it really does treat the quilt in a more challenging way, especially when it is inside our homes.

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