Ice Cream Social Quilt Pattern Free

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Ice Cream Social quilt pattern free is actually the name of this Quilt Pattern – I found it a bit strange at first, but after looking at this pattern for a few minutes then I realized that the sprinkles were like chocolate and strawberry ice cream, (in this case I mean the colors and patterns of the fabrics).

Ice Cream Social Quilt Pattern Free

Ice Cream Social Quilt Pattern
Ice Cream Social Quilt Pattern Free

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Ice Cream Social is a pattern that uses even known blocks except for a few extra details, could you identify which detail changes from the conventional pattern? (I won’t mention it here so as not to spoil the fun, leave it in the comments if you wish).

This pattern was designed by Maria Tavy Umnheyu featuring fabric from the More Pink chocolate collection by Nancy Gere.

The pattern is simple, it has simple borders that are composed of squares and lines that separate the center nicely. This idea made me think that we can use the same way being with colors of fabrics or prints with the most diverse colors that would be very interesting.

I could also see that we can make this pattern for a picnic, for a table runner, a comforter, and even for a beautiful living room rug if you wish, well actually there are countless ways to use this pattern without modifying your style.

This is a Ice Cream Social Quilt Pattern Free that you can use with other shapes, or with other functions (so to speak) such as a rug, a curtain, a panel, or whatever you want in your home.

Now changing the colors to brighter ones will be a very interesting option when making it, and to be honest I’m a big believer in brighter colors for this pattern.

When I say style I also mean your style, your characteristic of pattern, I don’t know what yours is but I understand that it will work very well in this pattern. For you to download the pattern just click here on the link from or if for some reason you can’t access the link you can use the button below.

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  1. The pattern has still not come through. I love your patterns and directions do not come through to me when requested through the application above. Can you please forwatd directly to me thanks



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