Holiday Stars Quilt Pattern free

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Holiday Stars Quilt Pattern Free PDF by Laureen Smith is a very pretty pattern that highlights well the fabrics that can be used to make this wonderful table runner. Combining green, red, white and even yellow is very beautiful when done with care and patience, so let’s talk a little more about this pattern?

Holiday Stars Quilt Pattern

Holiday Stars Quilt Pattern
Holiday Stars Quilt Pattern

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The table runner, also called the table rail, is one of those elements that make the difference on a set table. It may not seem like it, but it brings a very interesting charm to the place and can be used in many ways. Some people think that table runners are a thing of the past, but you can bet that they are not!

When the subject is decoration, it is impossible to deny how much I love kitchen utensils and, of course, objects that complement the d├ęcor of a beautiful table. And when I say table, I don’t mean only cutlery and serving dishes; tablecloths and, of course, table runners are also pieces I love.

I confess that I like even better the rails that run horizontally or vertically on the table, because they decorate, but do not completely cover the top of the piece of furniture. Besides, they are versatile: they can be used during a meal, over the tablecloth, creating a mix of textures and/or prints, or alone.

The fabrics can be varied: linen, silk, cotton, lace, straw… It all depends on the type of decoration and environment we are talking about! My favorite versions are those with a vintage touch – yes, the models that remind me of grandma’s house. If I want to bet on more modern models, then I like prints and/or strong colors in a plainer fabric, such as cotton. Who would have thought that table runners could offer so many possibilities, huh?

The plain versions are the easiest to combine with tablecloths, table tops, and Americana sets! Cotton, linen and silk are the most common and easy to find
The thicker, stiffer fabrics are more formal, while the flowing models have a more casual look that is perfect for outdoor areas.

Arabesques, stripes, plaids, polka dots… Prints with a slightly more graphic touch are excellent options for those who want to bring a touch of modernity to this area of the house. Currently, there is no shortage of models in this style.

Christmas, on December 25, commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the most important figure in Christianity. Remember this what pattern is in

For this reason, for Christians, it is one of the main commemorative dates, along with Easter, when the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. Christmas Day is a religious holiday in many places around the world. The so-called Christmas cycle is celebrated over twelve days, from December 25 through January 6.

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Now that we are aware of some things regarding Christmas you can make this path or table trail as you prefer to call it, with the colors highlighted in this pattern that we are mentioning here.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and some basic information regarding Christmas so that you can then figure out how to make your own, or in this case, change it so we always thank you for your help and care.

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