Flower Patch Quilt Free

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Flower Patch Quilt is by Kathy here from Gathering who had the inspiration to make this beautiful pattern really differentiated with appliqués of small flowers two flowers very well applied that do not overload the pattern and at the same time left it light Not to mention that it was very beautiful and you can apply it anywhere in the house you want. See below some notes that Kathy herself made. Just below you can download the free quilt pattern and there will also be a link directly to the site where she has posted this pattern for free and teaches you how to do it step by step.

Flower Patch Quilt Free

Flower Patch Quilt Free
Flower Patch Quilt Free

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Flower Patch Quilt free pattern This is a great beginners pattern, just leave off the appliqué. You can make this in time for Spring from your favorite packet of layer cakes, by adding an accent color and a little bit of pop with the appliqué flower. The ribbons of color add happy motion to the quilt, breaking up that block look while still keeping it simple. This pattern allows you to incorporate your favorite color into the quilt to make it unique.

The appliquéd flower is just enough so that if you’ve been wanting to try appliqué, now is your chance. With gentle curves and no points, it’s a great beginner appliqué project. This project would look just as sweet without the appliqué, if time is a factor or if appliqué isn’t for you. What a fast and easy way to show off your favorite layer cake! This quilt finishes at 57-1/2″ x 67″.

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Particularly I absolutely loved this pattern! Its simplicity, the colors, the appliqué of two leaves or flowers, and the brightness it brings as a whole is the color of spring that I believe we all look for in patterns like these. If you live in a very cold place for sure this is a pattern to handle the hope of a beautiful spring coming and when you are done with it share your photo here in our comments so that you can show what you do best with your creativity in patterns like this.

Your pattern will be sent to your email. File saved from Viruses and Spam. Pattern by Kathy here from Gathering
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