Easy Puzzle Quilt Free Pattern

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This Easy Puzzle Quilt Free Pattern walks you through the puzzle quilt construction process step by step. Sew a colorful scrap quilt or choose a color scheme to keep your layout nice and tidy. This pattern is designer by By JANET WICKELL in your blog thesprucecrafts.com.

Easy Puzzle Quilt

Jigsaw puzzle pieces emerge when adjacent parts of traditional ‘H’ quilt blocks are rotated.
The little squares along each block’s outer midpoints become the tabs that lock the puzzle blocks in place.

Easy Puzzle Quilt Free Pattern
Easy Puzzle Quilt Free Pattern

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Quilt Layout Options

The jigsaw puzzle quilt is most effective when you make a scrap quilt because patches required for individual blocks are small, making the puzzle quilt a perfect stash-busting pattern. Repeat fabrics or devise a controlled color palette if you prefer.

Easy Puzzle Quilt Free Pattern
Easy Puzzle Quilt Free Pattern by JANET WICKELL in thesprucecrafts.com.
  • Insert a few black or white puzzle pieces to add visual depth and help those areas drop out of the design.
  • Squares that end up on the outer perimeter of the quilt shown are all black to help define the pieces they touch.

Easy Puzzle Quilt download

Now you can download this pattern by clicking here on the link from thesprucecrafts.com.
If for some unknown reason you cannot access it you can use the button below to access it directly.[download_after_email id=”1450″ css=”off”]

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