Dilly Dahlia Giant Block Quilt free

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This Dilly Dahlia Giant Block free Tutorial is part of Tutorial Series. This file has directions for making a 24″ or 36″ block as well as suggestions for using the block in a quilt. This pattern particularly speaking it is very different I haven’t had the idea yet to do something like this with totally colored prints and some neutral ones combined with others not colored at all it is a really nice and different pattern that you can make yourself.

Dilly Dahlia Giant Block Tutorial free

Dilly Dahlia Giant Block Quilt
Dilly Dahlia Giant Block Quilt

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When we talk about certain patterns we like that it looks exactly what we imagined in our mind when you look at the fabric you stop to think and it will work Sometimes you are walking to a fabric store and out of nowhere you see a fabric that catches your eye and you think will such pattern match this fabric?

This article I’m talking more this way because the pattern that caught my attention not by the format but by the distinction of the colors I found a little different to tell you the truth I still don’t know if I found it pretty or not. I don’t call anyone’s patterns ugly because I’ve made many ugly ones so I can’t say that a person made them on the face but I always say that they are more or less pretty.

In fact you are giving does not have much to say the combination of stars with rhombus combined with the square and within each square still has a star with another format of block at the end I will leave for you to download pattern  here if standard I hope you like.

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