Denim Flowers Quilt free

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Denim Flowers Quilt pattern developed or created if you will by Natalie Crabtree using the Marcia Derse fabric collection and is in the final size of 51 “x 51”. Now let’s talk a little bit about this beautiful find of the Denim Flowers pattern.

Denim Flowers Quilt

Denim Flowers Quilt
Denim Flowers Quilt

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Denim Flowers Quilt is the kind of pattern that has with its base already our well-known desdren block quilt. It is true that there are many people who dislike the desdren, sometimes because of the format, sometimes because of the work (that’s right, there are people who find it more work to make a Dresden block than a color log cabin!

But leaving aside these issues we take into account that this “configuration” or choice of colors for this specific project was very good indeed, after all shades of white, blue and black with light strokes of other colors form a very beautiful and different concept, because it is not monochromatic and is not colored.

It also has nothing to do with duo tone, in fact it is just a wonderful way to see the chosen colors marrying more and more with each other. Of course you could replace blue with red, or green, white with pink or lilac, it’s all a matter of color and taste.

This PDF is sensational and very well explained step by step, from how to make the Dresden plates to the final assembly of the block or flower (actually it is a flower and I call it a block all the time).[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_8]

The Dresden plate is one of the most well-known and easily identifiable quilt patterns. It has the perfect combination of traditional quilt design and unique piecing, making it a timeless choice for many quilters.

Making its debut in the 1920s, the Dresden plate quilt block was first published as a pattern in the 1930s. These quilts are typically easy to date because of the traditional floral prints of the time and are often made of feed sacks.

With this beautiful pattern you can make amazing other larger patterns and something that you can do is even more interesting because the colors used are the most differentiated, and another interesting thing is that you can make the pattern for a beautiful applique. I hope you liked this idea and make incredible works with the colored fabrics that you want or need.

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