Crossing Point quilt pattern free

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Crossing Point quilt pattern is quite suggestive when it comes to making it with adverse colors particularly I found this color mix from light blue to dark blue very nice and if you look closely we have here two types of pattern and E in this case made in a very interesting way. This pattern So it is drawn effect with Cross and Crown blocks take center stage on a scrappy two-color throw very nice.

Crossing Point quilt pattern

Crossing Point quilt pattern
Crossing Point quilt pattern by designer Karen Witt of Reproduction Quilts

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Crossing pattern quilt ingenious the way it was made by designer Karen Witt of Reproduction Quilts and Honestly this kind of pattern it can be made and used for several occasions a living room decoration Maybe a wall decoration or even for your bed so no matter what you want to make this pattern for it really fits well and stands out well.

I can imagine this pattern in place of the dark blue for example put a plain black on the edges and in the other central parts that is dark blue also keeping black with probably a lighter blue or who knows a red with black keeping Blue medium to light blue in the same way.

In the part where there is another block you can also use the color you want, well if you want to do this for your Christmas just substitute the colors in this case the dark blue would be green, the medium dark blue or medium light blue if you prefer would be red and the part where there is a cross so to speak you could put yellow and white inverting.

Can you imagine this in your head? Crossing Point quilt pattern is actually very excellent material to work with and put the colors I believe there are two things in the world that are fabulous about crocheting and quilting.

To download you can do so by clicking here on the original link of this pattern which is a Fantastic blog that I like a lot. If you are not able to download it go to the button below it will make it easier for you if you wish.[download_after_email id=”1619″ css=”off”]

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