Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters free pattern

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Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters Today we bring you something new! I don’t know if you know, but we had a problem on our site, which had several beautiful files of cross stitch and quilt. But now we’ll bring you here at amazing cross-stitch works like this, Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters free pattern.

Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters free pattern

Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters
Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters by Ellen Maurer

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We are really happy to start with this new category on our website which will benefit you and of course us, because both I with my husband love, crochet, cross stitches, knitting and of course quilt, time, which woman does not love to have your house really beautiful, and decorated?

But in this first article of ours we’re going to take care of a very nice pattern, you know what it is? Letters of the Alphabet in cross stitch a wonderful thing to embroider the initials of our children’s names on the pillows or even make a picture.

The handmade work called Cross Point or Cross Point in some countries is very beautiful and you can do with it several works, in fact not only decorate pieces of clothing, but how to make paintings that truly embellish any environment of the house.

As you can see in the 3 images that surround this article, this alphabet game that you can download was very complicated to put it here, who sent us the images did not send us the correct site, we tried to access some, but it was so strange and others did not open so we decided not to put it.

Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters
Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters


Making a handkerchief for the husband, boyfriend or fiancé with the initials of his name will really be a wonderful gift for him. Also on bath towels, on tissues and whatever else you imagine or need.

This cross-stitch pattern with the letters of the alphabet, are also beautiful to embroider on our dishcloths, those we use to dry our dishes, and for each day of the week, a letter to embroider in the corner of the cloth.

Now if you know whose blog these images are perfect, leave it in the comment so you can help us update the article with its respective author blog or website.

Now when we mention the images we also can not put them in a very good quality, unfortunately if we increase them they burst and it really does not stay visible the points to be able to look as follow the points.

We try to do our best to make these images usable for you even because they are really beautiful these cross-point alphabet patterns. Another important detail is that these images contain some really cool information to make the pattern.

Well now that we have clarified some points it’s time for us to start working, but don’t worry, we won’t stop only with this alphabet cross-point, we will bring more models, of better quality, from publishers who like, in fact that love this wonderful work.

Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters
Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters


If you really like this article Cross Stitch Alphabet Letters, comment here at the end of the article what you like the most and of course share it with your friends and families.


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