Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt


Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt is a very beautiful pattern as you can see in the image just below and the best thing is that there are no limits to this pattern. So the big question I ask you reading this is: “What colors would you choose for this beautiful crochet pattern?

Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt
Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt by Designed by Kathleen Sams.

Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt

Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt is also one of those different patterns that you sometimes get a little indecisive to make because you observe that it takes some work, but in fact practically everything we do takes a little work, doesn’t it?

This pattern also comes from stories and more family stories and of course mine can be no different, we also have stories with this Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt, it’s not what we can call a fairy tale story, but we have a beautiful story for sure and all my women in particular have something to tell about this pattern and their crazy adventures. One day I will tell you one of these stories.

Originally designed as a wedding gift for singer Josh Kelley and actress Katherine Heigl, this beautiful Double Wedding Ring crocheted quilt would be treasured by any bride and groom who receive it. Designed by Kathleen Sams and

The day I got married, as you can imagine, was an amazing day. I walked down the asle with my grandma’s handkerchief tucked between my hand and my flowers. Each of my three older sisters also walked down the asle with that handkerchief when they got married, too. It was a special heirloom that was passed down for our special day so Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt.

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Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt
Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt by Designed by Kathleen Sams.

Because my grandma passed away a while ago, my mother now keeps that handkerchief and when she passes away it will remain in our family to give to each of our daughters to use on their wedding day.

It’s just so amazing to have a family heirloom with you for a special day or just in general. I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with all this. Well, I bring you the double wedding quilt afghan. This crocheted afghan speaks a thousand words, but it truly is breathtaking when you look at all the detailed designs in each one of them.

Because they are stunning and seem to be popular with our readers, I thought I’d share a few crochet afghan patterns with you and this Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt. These double wedding ring quilt afghans can be given as a wedding gift, a housewarming gift or even kept for yourself. Whatever the reason you make one, just make one; it’ll be the most elegant design you’ve ever worked up.

Crochet Wedding Ring Quilt for the newlyweds and they will cherish this crochet afghan for years to come. This afghan is an advanced crochet pattern and suitable for crocheters who have been crocheting for years and want to crochet a wedding gift. Don’t buy an expensive gift from the store, make your own crocheted gift with love in every stitch.

And do you have a beautiful story or one that you will never forget with a crochet pattern? If you do, write in the comments and let’s have some fun, let’s get to know each other, I know that many times it is not easy to write in comments on sites like this one, but I will particularly read each one.

Crochet Afghan Pattern Join in ours Facebook Group
Join in ours Facebook Group

Download PDF pattern – that’s right now it’s time for you to make or create a story for your daughters or sons, you just need to take the first step and start new time!

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