Crochet in a Chain pattern

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Crochet in a Chain is an accessory very well classified as the hexagonal clearly made by our own hands an accessory that any woman can wear of any age and the best we bring to you who want to gift your mother or your grandmother or the person who raised you, this gift of course is for Mother’s Day. Or any other occasion you prefer.

Crochet in a Chain

Crochet in a Chain
Crochet in a Chain for Mother’s Day

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Crochet in a Chain is a very easy pattern to make, very simple to make, and I believe that if you are an intermediate to basic crochetist or hand crocheter, you can make it in about 8 hours. I say this approximate of 8 hours because there are car things to do and sometimes you may have a husband son among others that usually make us stop what we are doing.

Crochet in a Chain accessory you can use the chain not only Golden but also silver or any other type that can be applicable with crochet thread following pattern of the photo above as you can see, and of course an important detail is that you can choose the color of your crochet thread with hunger also the taste of your mother or the person you want to give matching also with type of chain you will buy or has home.

In fact a very simple gift is a quick gift that you can do and inclusive I advise to do up to three different colors to let the gift more beautiful leave with that carainha face work done with the hands an accessory concern and that show their feelings with it very beautiful gift easy and practical.

Before it is important you know that this material was not creation shows on the contrary I want to present my mother and my music found this a very beautiful person I found fast to do for me that I have two children is very complicated far still have pieces crochet orders to deliver Almost forgot my mother!

So looking on the internet I could not find much and asking a friend of a Facebook group she gave me this PDF Crochet in a Chain accessory that I did not find very practical I would like to share with you all. I found it a little strange because I did not find any author or design or even site that has these chains the person who sent me must have picked up somewhere and not sent me the credit and taking advantage if you know the blog or site or designer who created, please leave in the comments below so I can put here the reference link and the direct link of the pattern itself.

Now speaking directly to the designer or the designer of this pattern I want to thank you very much for this beautiful and practical gift that can be placed on Mother’s Day. In fact this is a day that has a very weighty history all over the world. After all, as my grandmother would say, after God our mother is the most important person in our lives.


Unfortunately many have lost their mothers in this pandemic others have lost their children and will have a not so good Mother’s Day one year higher but even so we leave our affection, our affection for those people who have lost their mothers in the covid-19 And for those mothers who have lost their children in this sad time that we are going through.

Download Pattern – Our affection and our tribute to those mothers and to those sons that for some reason or another must be alone and will spend Mothers’ money alone. May you take this Crochet in a Chain accessory and present your mother or your grandmother or anyone else that you wish with much affection and love on such a special day that is near to come.

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