Crochet Artisan Throw pattern

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Crochet Artisan Throw pattern Do you know that pattern that you look at it in a certain way and think, is it really so beautiful that I wanted to make it? This Crochet Red Heart Artisan is exactly that. At first glance it looks a little strange, as if it were fading, so to speak, but as you get closer to it, the surprise begins.

Crochet Artisan Throw pattern

Crochet Artisan Throw pattern
Crochet Artisan Throw pattern by Ann Regis in

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Crochet Artisan Throw pattern is a very beautiful pattern expected to be certainly in the most beautiful lines of decoration that I can imagine really as a very different texture than we are used to seeing you and even some crochet blankets.

In fact this is a very inspiring pattern Crochet Artisan Throw pattern that brings us the feeling of tranquility relaxation and of course of course the feeling that you have something beautiful and comfortable either in your living room or in your bedroom really doesn’t matter.

Crochet Artisan Throw patternby the beautiful ikat fabrics seen in home décor showrooms, this eye-catching throw will add texture and warmth to your surroundings. You only need to make 9 squares that are joined in the last round, so it won’t take long to make.
Designed by Ann Regis, in

Here below you can see some important details about the main points of this wonderful crochet work by Ann Regis to Crochet Artisan Throw pattern:

  • Throw measures 60″ wide x 60″ long.
  • One square measures 15″ wide x 15″ long.
  • RED HEART® Super Saver: 4 skeins 970 Dress Blues
  • A, 1 skein each 313 Aran B, 334 Buff C, 320 Cornmeal D, 382 Country Blue E, 387 Soft Navy F.
  • Crochet Hook: 6.5mm [US K-10.5].
  • Yarn needle.

What caught my attention is that although it is a decoration As said by the design herself I really liked this pattern with its edges its length the colors as it was made then the following idea came to me: and will not complete a few more years of life and I want to give it to her then as she loves to crochet in the kitchen what I imagined using these wonderful colors textures of this pattern and mount a table path with holders plates and cups what do you think?

Another detail also very important is that my sister she likes blue with white and yellow would be a novelty and this crochet pattern or Crochet Artisan Throw pattern is actually wonderful the distribution of things can not not fall in love I make sure you download this pattern and that you comment here what you thought and wonderful.


As I often talk about in all articles you can make the pattern What size you need and also the colors you want. I particularly like to stay in the colors but I like to keep the pattern in its size depending on what I’m going to do of course.

Download pattern or Easy Download – In this case I’m sharing this pattern with you because I found it so beautiful that I had to put it here. Can you imagine the anguish of having only two hands and a lot of patterns to do… This is me…

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