Christmas Star Quilt

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Christmas Star Quilt pattern is an excellent pattern for the upcoming Christmas. As we are already in the middle of the year, and if we take into account everything we have to do on a daily basis, our house, our orders, husband, children, domestic obligations we really need to anticipate some things and as I always say, it is always good to be well prepared.

Christmas Star Quilt

It is time then for us to get to know the Christmas Star Quilt pattern better and to know who was responsible for creating this beautiful pattern for us. We also want to make it clear that we did not create this pattern, but rather Designed by Connie Rand and this pattern is on the blog which is linked to the base and original article of this pattern.

Christmas Star Quilt
Christmas Star Quilt Designed by Ruth Swasey in

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Christmas Star Quilt pattern is a Christmas pattern as we said above, and so by making it you can be sure that the decoration for your home is really already at the beginning of a beautiful Christmas decoration.

Last year a client of ours said she wanted to make a quilt pattern to decorate her Christmas table. I made this type of tablecloth with thin foam, about 1cm thick, on the part that starts to come away from the edges of the table.

The idea was practically the same as this quilt here, (almost similar) so we made it according to her wishes. It was interesting because when we sat on the table the “fluffy” part was almost touching our legs and look, girls, it was very nice.

Later I will draw this pattern as I did for her and make a nice article, too bad I didn’t take pictures because she was in a hurry.

But for Christmas we will put in some articles practically basic information to make any decoration or piece for your Christmas, in fact to decorate your home is it in the city or on the farm or wherever.

So let’s start talking about the Christmas tree, what do you think? This is the most interesting part that children like the most, because it is where the presents that they like the most are.

Christmas is marked by several symbols, such as Santa Claus, nativity scenes, and the lights that illuminate and decorate the cities. One of the most important representations of this period are the Christmas trees, produced in the most varied sizes and adorned with different ornaments. Read this text and learn a little about the history of this Christmas symbol.

The origin of the modern Christmas tree is a matter of controversy. There are those who say it appeared in Talinn (now Estonia) in 1441, while others say it appeared in Riga (now Latvia) in 1510.

There are also those who say it appeared in Bremen (now Germany) sometime in the 16th century. Although there is debate about the exact location of the modern Christmas tree, historians know that its origins are linked with medieval traditions related to pagan cultures.

Modern Christmas trees were inserted inside homes throughout the 16th century and were decorated with apples and walnuts. They became popular only in the 19th century because of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of the United Kingdom.

As Queen Victoria’s mother was German, the tradition of decorating Christmas trees was also carried out in England. This made the symbol popular in the UK and spread it to other parts of the world.

Well, this is just a short story about the Christmas tree that we have to share with you. We hope you enjoyed it and below you can download your pattern. Remember that this pattern you can use not only for Christmas, but for any occasion.[download_after_email id=”997″]

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