Carpenter’s Wheel Pattern

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Carpenter’s Wheel Pattern is a pattern unlike anything you may have seen or even made before, isn’t it? But in case you have never seen this pattern, don’t worry, this is in fact our function here now. So let’s talk a little bit about this beautiful pattern and how to use it?

Carpenter’s Wheel Pattern

Carpenter's Wheel Pattern by
Carpenter’s Wheel Pattern by

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Carpenter’s Wheel Pattern it looks like a wheel in a really “archaic” way, but in fact the biggest attraction of the pattern here is not only the assembling of it in a different style or shape, but the fabrics.

As you can see there are two types of fabrics here to make the pattern wonderful, in this case the shape that you can make it in. Another interesting thing that we can notice is that the red pattern on the second image below can be used for Christmas and as we are not so far away from that date, let’s get to the ideas.

The first option that you should use when making this pattern is as a table path, then you can make plate rests, also cup holders and some accessories to use during your Christmas dinner.

Isn’t it interesting how we can use these two wonderful fabrics in many ways? And it doesn’t stop there, you can use the patterns as a wonderful comforter for your bed.

These days I was walking with my husband here in the center of our city in search of new fabrics for an order and I saw a wonderful carpet for the bed, like a quilt or a kind of cover for the bed, that’s when I saw these two types of fabrics.

Carpenter's Wheel Pattern
Carpenter’s Wheel Pattern by

I then asked the seller of the store if he had knowledge and according to him it was a seamstress nearby who had sold it to them (on order) it was then that I sought information and met the wonderful and now I am presenting to you these wonderful patterns.

We hope you have enjoyed these articles that we have brought you as news and we will continue to bring you more about fabrics and about several others that you need to know about as well as the best patterns.

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