Broken Wheel Pattern

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Broken Wheel Pattern A very nice pattern based on pink and black you can be making in your home with various designs with all certainty at the end of the day it is also your creativity that counts. If you are not a big fan of pink you can use red or other colors to highlight this wonderful masterpiece.

Broken Wheel Pattern

One very nice thing about this pattern is that you can use on one fabric several other shapes or actually colors of fabrics forming a broken wheel as the pattern actually shows is a very easy pattern to make actually all you need to pay attention to is the correct size and spaces to assemble your broken wheel.

Broken Wheel Pattern
Broken Wheel Pattern

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The Broken Wheel Quilt Block harkens back to the days of the covered wagon. As you know, a flat tire can really ruin your day. Especially if it’s raining. If you think a flat tire is a bummer now, just imagine what it was like back when the settlers were moving out west in the Mercedes Benz of the day. It wasn’t like you could whip out your cell phone and phone a friend. Or call Triple A. Or have a tow truck take you to the local Firestone.

A variety of white shirting fabrics combine with black, indog and pink fabrics in this pretty one-block-design quilt. Finished Quilt Size: 67 3/4″ x 75 1/8″.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate

This wonderful boss was Designed by Sandra Hatch by that you can look closely at a wonderful job and you can also see more details here. A secondary design is created when Broken Wheels blocks are assembled in a straight setting. The light and dark fabrics create an interwoven chain link design around the block.

Whenever I see this block, I like to imagine that some pioneer woman named this block as she fondly remembered the roadside assistance her family received from another settler. I often wonder if quilt blocks back then were sort of like scrapbooks are for us today, with little bits of memories woven into the stitches.

At any rate, the Broken Wheel Quilt Block is a 9-patch block with Square-in-a-square units and 2-piece rail units revolving around a central square. Can you see the “broken wheel” (aka Flat Tire) in the center of the design? In each of the SNS units, the corner facing the center uses the same color as the central piece of the rail unit. This results in a circular hexagon type shape, mimicking a flat tire.

For you to download the pattern now use the website And if for some reason you can’t download it then you can use the download button.

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