Blue Floral Lap Quilt

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Blue Floral Lap Quilt, brought me the idea that Blue is a color that is always on the rise specifically when it comes to patterns one of the most colors if you look on the internet or people’s own faces I believe it is one of the colors that competes most with red and black.

Blue Floral Lap Quilt

Blue Floral Lap Quilt is Designed by Barbara A. Clayton Shades of blue yo-yo flowers combine with a Drunkard’s Path block to make a pretty fabric flower garden. This e-pattern was originally published in Fat Quarter Quilts Size: 54″ x 63″. Block Size: 9″ x 9″. Skill Level: Intermediate

Blue Floral Lap Quilt
Blue Floral Lap Quilt by Barbara A. Clayton

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Blue Floral Lap free pattern quilt is a wonderful pattern that you can be making by multiplying it up to the same color if you wish yet there are some suggestions that with this pattern you can make some appliqu├ęs more or less, this will depend on the size and your patience.

Nevertheless patterns lovie lap quilt with pockets that have the color blue are very eye-catching a basic Tranquility perspective and also of a cooler note so to speak especially used when the weather is warmer and if you look at the blue you will have it read cool feeling.

There are other people who don’t like blue. So this pattern can be modified to suit the color you want, not to mention that if you mix green with red and maybe a hint of a darker blue this pattern will look great.

We hope that you have enjoyed this heart pattern and that you can make excellent quilt squares work for it so of late we have that being this one of the patterns that you can sell it is a good price and for sure you will have a good demand and especially if you make it with diversified colors easy quilt patterns.

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