Autumn Leaf Quilted Table Runner Free

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Autumn Leaf Quilted Table Runner is one of those treadmills or table runners that we all love to make, especially for beginners. In fact it is a pattern that may or may not be simple, depending of course on one’s creativity. So let’s start with this wonderful Quilted Table Runner!

Autumn Leaf Quilted Table Runner

Autumn Leaf Quilted Table Runner Free
Autumn Leaf Quilted Table Runner Free by

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Each leaf has its own mark, so to speak. For example, some have wider stems, some are thinner, and some are curled, and some are very interesting. In my view, this Autumn Leaf Quilted Table Runner pattern is a basic, standard leaf. This pattern is by

But this pattern free Autumn Leaf Quilted Table Runner brings to me something else very important, it brings back memories, memories of when my grandmother was alive and used to make this kind of pattern on her old sewing machine that by the way was not electric but manual.

I still see myself at that time with her, a lady with a lot of life and passion who loved to take care of the house, take care of the grandchildren and unfortunately her last work with fabrics was a quilt for my bed that I loved to sleep with her on cold nights. Who doesn’t have such a beautiful memory with their grandmother or mother, isn’t that right?

For decorating I believe everyone has their own style that marks the beginning of autumn (even if we are not on the eve). For some, it is the first day of school. Others endure the weather with boots and scarves. I know there are some of you who look forward to a certain pumpkin-flavored drink to declare that fall is here.

Even though we are not in autumn and even a little far from beginning yet I insist that patterns like this are something like what I dare say is the most romantic and melancholy season there is. Falling leaves, creeping sunsets, and it’s just too amazing to describe in words.

So Autumn Leaf Quilted Table Runner free like even simple ones bring great expectations, particularly, I believe that what marks autumn in the USA are the trees that take on red, orange and yellow hues. In autumn, it is possible to notice a certain coolness and the sun that starts to set at 4 pm.

Autumn Leaf Quilted Table Runner Free
Autumn Leaf Quilted Table Runner Free

Of course this will depend on the place you are going to visit, as I said before, because it has a very large territorial area the climate can change in the same season in different places. In Colorado, for example, it snows six months a year. In states like Florida and California we find warmer climates.

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We hope that you have enjoyed this pattern, and that you can make it for your home, your family, and when autumn arrives, may it be and bring the most awaited weather to everyone in your home and work. To download this pattern you cand follow this link
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