Apple Coasters Pattern

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Apple Coasters Pattern is a beautiful pattern of course, but it is actually quite different, especially since it is a beautiful cup holder. So let’s talk a little bit about this coasters and how you can adapt it to make your quilting jobs. Apple Coasters Pattern is designed by purl soho.

Apple Coasters Pattern

Patterns like Apple Coasters can and are super fun and what can make your pattern interesting is the fact that it can be made in many different colors. You know the favorite colors are really red, green and some patterns.

Apple Coasters Pattern
Apple Coasters Pattern by purl soho.

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Recently I was asked to make a pair of quilts for teachers who were retiring from my children’s elementary school. One was actually the librarian and the other was the first grade teacher of my oldest two. Can you imagine retiring in 2021 during the Covid19 pandemic? I am sure they were heartbroken to retire without children in the classroom.

The quilt donor suggested and apple theme. I devised something that I could make very quickly and easily. I also thought about how to use lots of prints in the quilt. The scrappy looking quilts are my favorite and I wanted to include all fabrics!

After I shared the quilt on my Instagram page, I was asked for instructions for the block. I’m always flattered when someone likes something I’ve made enough of myself to make it! I was pleased to write this for the quilters of the world! You can adjust the size of your quilt by adding or subtracting blocks. You can even use the block design for a bag or pillow!

First there was a strawberry, then a pineapple, and now an apple; actually, two-one is bitten. I can’t resist making fruit blocks. They look beautiful. Sewing fruit blocks is fun and easy to do. There are tons of strawberry and pineapple blocks, but I haven’t seen many apple blocks out there. So I made these two apple blocks, one is complete and the other is a little chopped. I like them as much as other fruit blocks.

Whether your favorite apple flavor is Honeycrisp or Red Delicious, we think this mini apple quilt is simply delicious. If Granny Smith is more your variety, swap the red for green. The free quilt pattern allows you to reach into your scrap stash and use up some of those smaller pieces of fabric. We also love the pop of contrast in the patchwork quilt.

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