5 Best destinations in Europe in July

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5 Best destinations in Europe in July – I have chosen just 5 destinations to highlight, indicating average temperatures and some travel tips, such as what’s best and what to do in each. After the list, see other places that are also a good choice for the month of July.

5 Best destinations in Europe in July

1. London, England – Low rainfall, Wimbledon and more events

Average temperatures: between 14 ºC and 25 ºC / Chance of rain: little to moderate

Wimbledon londres inglaterra tenis

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July is the least rainy month of the year in the English capital, which favors walking. It can be very hot, but this does not happen every year, and it is more common for highs around 25ºC. Pleasant weather to visit the parks and try beers outside in the pubs. Besides the basic tourist attractions, there are many important events in July in London, such as the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, the Gay Parade and many open air shows.


2. Madeira Island, Portugal – Beaches, trails and natural pools with a pleasant climate

Average temperatures: between 19 ºC and 25 ºC / Chance of rain: little, almost zero

praia funchal portugal europa viagem

Closer to the coast of Africa than to Portugal, the Archipelago of Madeira is a good place for those who like the beach but prefer to avoid the excessive heat. Besides the fact that it rains very little at this time of year. The attractions are diverse. Trails cross the closed forest and reach the rocky coast. The local wine is good. And the beaches, despite the narrow, dark strips of sand, have water that is more pleasant than the Mediterranean. The capital Funchal, where Cristiano Ronaldo was born, has a small historic district and great lodging options.

3. Berlin, Germany – Long days, river beach and almost ice-cold beer

Average temperatures: between 13 ºC and 24 ºC / Chance of rain: little to moderate

piscina rio berlim verao europa dicas viagem

Until mid-July, summer is usually mild in Berlin, with sunny days without much heat. People are happy and celebrate in the German fashion: The “biergartens” (beer gardens) are spread all over the city. The River Spree becomes the Berliner’s beach, with the right to this beautiful floating pool, the “badeschiff”. Besides the seasonal animation, the usual Berlin functions normally in July, with attractions such as the Museum Island, the Tiergarten, the East Side Galley and memories of the Second World War. Check out Berlin’s main tourist attractions.

4. Cracow, Poland – To avoid freezing in Auschwitz

Average temperatures: between 14 ºC and 25 ºC / Chance of rain: moderate to a lot

viajar europa cracovia polonia

Famous and feared for its almost always freezing weather, Poland has a mild summer. July is a rainy month, but since it is a cheap city to eat and stay in, you can plan to stay for many days and not miss a thing. Another advantage are the long days, with daylight until late at night. The historic center is nice and the night life is lively. Krakow is only 70 km away from Auschwitz, a World War II Nazi extermination camp and today the main tourist attraction in the region.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland – Midnight sun and the usual beauty

Average temperatures: between 8 ºC and 14 ºC / Chance of rain: little to moderate

Reykjavik islandia

If in most parts of Europe summer makes the days long, in Iceland there is simply no night. The endless days cause insomnia in many people. On the other hand, it gives tourists more time to admire the beauties of the country, such as the famous Ring Road, a road that goes around the island and passes the main tourist attractions. Another advantage of Iceland in July is the pleasant climate. Be sure to visit essential places, such as the Blue Lagoon, a large lagoon with naturally heated waters. See what the midnight sun looks like in the video below:

Where NOT to travel in Europe in July – Hot and crowded places

Prefer to avoid excessive heat and overcrowding? Then FLEE from some places in Europe in July. In general, avoid southern European countries, more precisely on the Mediterranean Coast, such as Spain, Italy and Greece, as well as other places that can face temperatures above 40 ºC. Destinations to avoid:

  • Rome, Venice and Naples in Italy
  • Barcelona, Madrid and beaches in Spain
  • Lisbon, Algarve and beaches in Portugal
  • Malta, Cyprus and other islands in the Mediterranean
  • Paris and the beaches of southern France
  • Dubrovnik and other beaches in Croatia and the Balkans

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